Top 5 Pencil Case Essentials

When it comes to your pencil case, you want to be prepared. Your pencil case should be filled with all the essentials, from pencils to rulers; you need to make sure you are ready for anything. This blog post aims to identify all the items every child, pre-teen and adult need to have in their pencil case.

Plastic Protractor

Every pencil case needs a durable, reliable and sturdy plastic protractor, so you can measure angles accurately or draw an angle accurately. Protractors are an essential piece of stationery to have in your pencil case as they can be used for different purposes.

Metal Drawing Compass

Whether you are drawing circles, measuring distances on a map or using it for artistic reasons, a metal drawing compass is a must-have item to have in your pencil case. A metal drawing compass is much more durable and long-lasting, in comparison to a plastic drawing compass.

15cm Recycled Plastic Ruler

No pencil case is complete without a durable recycled plastic ruler. We are all trying to become more environmentally friendly, which is why the plastic used to create this ruler is 100% recycled. Where possible, you should try to be more eco-friendly, even in your pencil case.

Mini Recycled Coloured Pencils

Continuing with the recycled stationery theme, we also have mini recycled coloured pencils in our collection. Everyone needs some colourful pencils in their pencil case. This pack of 10 pencils will add a bit of colour to your life. These pencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper and help you save trees one pencil at a time.

Plantable Pencils

Add some creativity to your pencil, while caring for the planet with some HB plantable pencils. These Plantable pencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper and have an assortment of seeds in the end that you can grow from the pencils. Now you can write, plant and then grow a plant.

Caring from the environment can still be done while you stock up on your pencil case essentials.


From a variety of rulers, measuring tapes and protractors to drawing equipment, blackboard equipment and recycled office products, we have it all, plus more. You can check out our entire collection and make sure you are ready for any problem you might face. From math class to drawing, fill your pencil case with all the essentials.