Educational Rulers: The right equipment for their studies


Learning how to use a ruler is one of those vital skills we all accomplish during our school years. Understanding measurement helps us to quantify the world around us.

Measuring - How the right Early Learning Rulers to develop this key skill


Aimed at first measuring, simple cm divisions in contrasting colours. Also introducing the idea of fractions, ( half one colour, half the other) and in the case of 94160 1/3 as well. Both made from recycled plastic which can be further recycled at end of life.

Measuring in education - What tools do you need to teach this vital task?


Learning to measure distance is a vital skill needed in adult life. We don't realise how often we need to know the distance between two objects, even if it's just for deciphering when to leave on a long journey.

Left Handed Rulers - How to find the perfect measuring tool for you


Today, being left-handed is often associated with heightened creativity. We even have a whole day in our yearly diary (August 13th) dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of left-handed individuals

Professional Rulers : Invest in your business and its equipment


As an expert in your field, you know how important it is to invest in the right equipment for your needs. A tradesman is only as good as his tools.

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