5 Must-Have Drawing Tools for Beginners

Drawing can be therapeutic. Drawing can help you express yourself, your emotions and your creativity in different formats, using different tools and methods. While drawing has so many benefits, it can be hard to get started. What if your image isn't how you envisioned it? What if you don't have the right tools? Where do you start?

So many questions, but we are here to help you get started. This blog post will focus on 5 must-have drawing tools for beginners, so you can get started. No matter the outcome, draw because you love the process, and it makes you happy.

  1. Drawing Board

A drawing board can help you start as it provides you with a firm and sturdy surface to draw. A drawing board can improve your accuracy and can be used virtually anywhere, so you can draw no matter the location.

We have various drawing boards, which are available in different sizes including, A1, A2 and A3. These drawing boards are available in different materials, including MDF and Plywood.

  1. Notebook

Of course, there is no point in having a drawing board if you have nothing to draw on. Find yourself a notebook or sketchbook, as it will be the home to the drawings you create. Select a book with plenty of high-quality and durable pages, preferable with a hardback to protect your work.

  1. Drawing Pencils

Next, you will need the right drawing tools to get your creations onto the paper, which means finding the right drawing pencils for your needs. Good quality pencils are essential, as they are the fundamental key to being an artist – You can't start without them!

  1. Coloured Pencils

You can stick with black and white shading if that is your style; however, you might want to add some colour to your pencil case. Coloured pencils will help you add some bright style to your piece of art! We believe that every artist should experiment with colour at least once to see if they like the style and contrast.

  1. Eraser

Mistakes happen, but that's okay, especially when you have a trusted eraser by your side. There are various erasers you can obtain, from rubber erasers to plastic erasers; we recommend getting a variety as each has a different purpose.

Get Started Today

You don't need the fanciest or most expensive drawing equipment to get started; you just need to have a little courage and enthusiasm. Explore your creative side today, and start drawing; who knows what you will create.