A3 Plywood Drawing Board

  • A3 Plywood Drawing Board
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Are you struggling to stretch on the go? Then, you should invest in a portable multipurpose desk like this A3 plywood drawing board. With this A3 drawing board, you can draw, sketch and create technical drawings, as you will have a stable surface no matter where you are.

A3 plywood drawing boards are typically used when you want to perfect details in your technical drawings; however, there are several benefits to using one.

Once your paper or drawing material has been clipped to your A3 plywood drawing board, you can rotate the board in any angle to get closer to specific points of your drawing. By having a flexible work surface, you can add more detail, find the right angle to draw at and more. Being able to work anywhere and everywhere is also another benefit of investing in a drawing board, as you can take the board with you, no matter where you are.

This drawing board measures approximately 512mm x 375mm x 12mm, and is made from high-quality and durable plywood. Plywood has a high strength to weight ratio and is relatively inexpensive. You can also polish or paint plywood easily, which means you can personalise it with your own designs.

If you have any questions about our A3 plywood drawing board, you can contact a member of our helpful team at The Ruler Company today.

Product Information
Material Wood
Length 512mm
Width 357mm
Thickness 12mm
Drawing Boards

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