Measuring in education - What tools do you need to teach this vital task?

Learning to measure distance is a vital skill needed in adult life. We don't realise how often we need to know the distance between two objects, even if it's just for deciphering when to leave on a long journey.

Distance is something we start to learn early on in primary school. In the playgroup, during PE lessons and, of course, in maths class. And when it comes to supporting the needs of our children, providing the right tools is something we believe in passionately. At The Ruler Company, we have everything needed to ensure your learning

Set Square

Commonly used in professional and educational engineering, a set square allows you to create a straight edge at a specified angle. They are also a normal occurrence in geometry classes and one of the easiest ways to teach a more complicated mathematical discipline to children.

Our 45° 10cm Clear Plastic Set Square is ideal for students of all ages. It can fit easily into pencil cases, is lightweight and has simple, clear markings that everyone can understand. And, we offer a range of single and bulk order options, depending on whether you're an individual tutor or form teachers for a larger college or high school class.


These plastic semi-squares are regularly used to create a line at an angle. They are also ideal for measuring angles accurately and are used regularly in geometry and other mathematical tasks.

At The Ruler Company, we try to provide you with tools that will serve a number of purposes. Our 12”/30cm Double Sided Wooden Ruler with Protractor is one such item. Designed for sturdiness, it is made entirely from wood with blackened line and numerical markers. At the centre on one side, you will find the same markings as a protractor printed on the body of a full-length ruler.

Not only can you measure angles, but you'll be able to create straight lines while promoting the importance of accurate measurements in their projects.


If you're moving into a part of the curriculum that focuses on shapes and diameters, it's a drawing compass you're looking for. Normally made from metal, they can be adjusted to different widths and used to draw perfect circles.

Our Metal Drawing Compass with Safety Point is a fine tool. Designed for purposes, it is strong and hard-wearing - perfect for the learning stages and further into their careers.

The right measuring tool can grow with them from education into the future. And by ensuring every student is well equipped, you give them the skill to implement into everyday life instantly.