45 Degree 10cm Clear Plastic Set Square

  • 45 Degree 10cm Clear Plastic Set Square
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Every pencil case needs a pen, pencil, ruler and of course a set square. Luckily for you, we have a durable, high quality and reliable set square that has been manufactured from clear plastic. The transparent plastic allows you to have a clear view of the sheet or object beneath.

Outside the classroom, this 45 degree set square is typically used for technical drawings in engineering. The purpose of a plastic set square is to provide a straightedge at a right angle.

The most common use of 45 degree set squares includes the drawing of vertical lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines. Set squares are typically used for geometry as they assist with technical drawings. If you are analysing an object, a set square is useful to have on hand as it allows you to create the parallel lines of symmetry, viewing angles and more.

In terms of measurements, this set square measures 13cm in length and is made from durable clear plastic.

Make sure you are prepared during math class or for your job, by investing in the right equipment. You never know when a clear plastic set square will be useful.

Ruler Information
Material Plastic
Product Information
Length 13cm
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