The Benefits of a Finger Grip Ruler

No pencil case, stationery drawer or desk tidy is complete without a finger grip ruler, and we are here to tell you why. This blog will focus on the uses and benefits of a finger grip ruler and will explain why everything will be more accessible when you use one. From easier manipulation to accurate measurements, take a look through the benefits below.

What Is a Finger Grip Ruler?

Before we jump into the benefits, allow us to explain what a finger ruler actually is. As the name indicates, a finger grip ruler is designed with a raised centre grip, to make it easier to use, manoeuvre and measure.

Finger grip rulers are ideal for sewing, drawing, maths or even specific crafting activities. They are incredibly beneficial for individuals who struggle with their grip and find traditional rulers hard to hold.


When you draw a straight line or measure an object, it might be hard to pick up a traditional ruler from the page. A finger grip ruler allows you to lift it off the surface comfortably and makes movement swift and quick. The raised centre also enables you to manipulate the ruler into the desired position on your surface with ease, without the need for you to push it across the surface.


When cutting a piece of card or paper, a finger grip ruler will put some distance between your fingers and the craft knife. Now you will get that straight edge, without the risk of your fingers slipping as they will be firmly holding onto the raised centre instead.

Another safety benefit of our finger grip rulers is that they have rounded corners, which helps to prevent injuries.

Clear Measurements

The finger grip rulers in our collection are made from clear plastic, which improves the visibility of even the faintest markings on your surface. With a clear plastic ruler, you can take accurate measurements, which is exceptionally beneficial for crafting, maths and sewing, where readings need to be accurate.


Another benefit of our finger grip rulers is that they are durable and shatter-resistant, which means that it’s less likely to shatter into a hundred tiny pieces. The benefit of our rulers being durable is that you can take them to school, the office or your workshop and not have to worry about them breaking.

Check it out for yourself.