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Guaranteeing that everyone can participate in any task, our Clear Plastic Finger Grip  Ruler is an effective and safe  tool. As the name suggests, it is specifically designed with a grip for ease of use and for keeping fingers way from edges if using as a cutting guide . The strong clear plastic is slightly thicker that standard offering durability allowing  you to transport the ruler easily without the risk of damage. In turn, a flattened surface and straight edges guarantee you are able to take an accurate measurement on any flat surface.

The clear nature of the plastic also improves visibility of faint markings or those sitting underneath the ruler. Rounded corners prevent the risk of injury while a raised  centre provides a holder  for your fingers during use. This ruler is shatter resistant - a benefit that prevents it from breaking into hundreds of smaller pieces should it come under force or trauma. Clear line and number increments are printed in a legible black and run along the frame of the piece for accuracy. In total, it can record measurements up to 12" at 1/16" increments or up to 30cm in mm increments.

To work within your budget, we can provide our left handed shatterproof rulers at exceptional bulk prices. For orders over 10, each ruler will incur a price of just £0.72. For orders over 100 pieces, each ruler incurs an individual unit price of just £0..54. From professional to educational use, our rulers are a vital staple within your stationery kit.

Ruler Information
Material Plastic
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm
Extra Features Finger Grip

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