Wooden vs Plastic – Which type of ruler should I choose?

This blog post aims to help you decide whether you need a wooden or plastic ruler. While wooden options ae hard-wearing, plastic rules are lightweight, so you might be stuck at the stationery aisle for a while weighing up the pros and cons of each.

To help you make your decision about which type of ruler you should choose, we have created a blog post discusses the advantages of both wooden and plastic rulers.

Why you need a ruler

Rulers are a staple piece of every stationery collection, whether you are in the office, workshop or at school. Throughout school, we use a ruler in maths, design, and engineering and even in science, and in later years, you might be required to use it in your profession or for home-based projects.

Ultimately, rulers are an essential piece to have on hand for unforeseen circumstances or during schooling. While both plastic and wood rulers are fit for purpose, there are a few additional benefits that come with each.

Wooden Rulers

Wood rulers are more wear-resistant than their plastic counterparts, which means they are long-lasting and are less likely to snap unexpectedly. Since wood is traditionally stronger, you might find that a wooden ruler is used more in construction projects, where sturdiness is essential. If you require a ruler for a manual labour task, where you might drop it or require it for long-durations of time, a wooden ruler is the best option.

Plastic rulers

Plastic rulers are also suitable for maths or art projects, especially if you need to see through the ruler. Plastic rulers are transparent, which means you can see everything and align everything properly. Both children and adults use plastic rulers as they can be used in class, whether that is for maths, science or even in art class, as well as in a professional role.

The lightweight design of plastic rulers also makes it suitable for children.

On the negative side of plastic rulers, however, they are easily damaged but are easy to replace due to being inexpensive.

Final ruler thoughts

Both types of rulers are portable, affordable and suitable for different tasks. Whether you are looking for a ruler for school, in your office or for your profession, you can’t go wrong with a ruler from The Ruler Company.

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