Why Blackboards Are So Popular With Mathematicians

Have you ever wondered why mathematicians use blackboards? This blog post will explore the theories as to why mathematicians often prefer blackboards over whiteboards. We will discuss the interesting benefits of blackboards, and why they help to identify different sections of equations.


The classic blackboard plays a fundamental role in both classrooms and personal workspaces. The blackboard has been a staple piece for centuries due to how practical, reusable and hardwearing it is.

Traditional Feel

The feel of a blackboard is memorable and distinctive, which is why many mathematicians enjoy using them. The traditional feel of a blackboard can be soothing, and many are simply familiar with the design, as opposed to modern whiteboards.

Noise Production

You might find the noise produced from writing on a blackboard disruptive; however, it is also a way to not get interrupted during work. The noise will hopefully improve focus and allow people to concentrate on what is being written.

Easily Identifiable

Many mathematicians will have a collection of coloured chalk at their disposal, as the different colours will allow them to easily identify different sections of a formula. The contrast between the chalk and the black background will also make it easy for others to see the equations of the board.

Using chalk also requires you to write bigger, as opposed to a marker, which makes it easier for people to read the formula or words.

Chalk Over Pens

We have all been in a classroom where the maker ran out; however, chalk simply wears down till there is nothing left. A piece of chalk will not mysteriously stop working through an equation, which could lead to loss of focus. You can clearly see when you need to replace the chalk.

Made to Last

Blackboards are used by mathematicians because they are long-lasting, durable and easy to clean. You might notice that the blackboard in a classroom looks new; however, they have been around for years. Blackboards are built to last.

Blackboard Equipment

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