The Best-Recycled Rulers

Have you ever considered the eco-friendly factor of your pencil case? Do you think there is more that you could do for the environment? Well, there is, and it is a stylish and affordable way - better for the environment and your wallet too.

This blog post will look at our eco-friendly recycled rulers available on our website and why each one can benefit you. We have rulers for everyone, including businesses, schools and independent use. You can be eco-friendly, even with your pencil case, and it all starts here.

Types of recycled rulers

We have a wide away of rulers at The Ruler Company; after all, it is in our name. We want to introduce you to the different types of recycled rulers in our collection, so you can see the quality and variety for yourself.

30cm colourful recycled rulers

First on our list is our pack of 100 recycled rulers, which features different coloured rulers including black, blue, green, red and yellow. These packs will bring some colour to the classroom or make a great addition to any pencil case.

These rulers are made from 100% recycled plastic, making them eco-friendly and ensure that they can be recycled at the end of its life.

Recycled plastic infant ruler

Adults aren’t the only ones who can be eco-friendly, especially since we have this 30cm recycled plastic infant ruler to help kick start a child’s learning journey. These rulers are made entirely from recycled plastic material and are durable, lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, these distinctive rulers are red and yellow, making them stand out.

30cm White recycled plastic ruler

If colourful rulers aren’t your cup of tea, how about our white recycled plastic rulers? These 30cm recycled rulers allow you to be eco-conscious while remaining professional and sleek. Our white plastic rulers are crafted from white recycled plastic and are lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

Benefits of recycled rulers

There are many benefits to using recycled rulers, including reducing demand for raw materials, as we are using recycled material, which means no new material is sourced. Since we are using recycled material in the manufacturing process, this also reduces waste and carbon emissions.


Overall, making the switch from traditional rulers to recycled rulers is an effective way to help your planet and be more eco-friendly. The recycled rulers are just as durable, lightweight and sturdy as other rulers; they just do less damage to the environment.

Make the switch today and become more eco-friendly.