Measuring how the right Early Learning Rulers to develop this key skill

Much like tying their shoelaces or learning their letters, measuring is a skill children will take with them for life. Whereas we rarely find ourselves delving into the Pythagorean theorem outside of the classroom walls, there is always a need to learn how to take accurate measurements. Take a moment to consider the number of times you reach for a ruler. Perhaps it’s at the office desk when sending sample requests off to a supplier. Maybe it’s when you’ve fallen in love with a new item of furniture and need to make sure it fits. Either way, we want to ensure all our children know how to accurately measure distances - and with the right tools.

At The Ruler Company, we design and produce rulers for all manner of customers. Our early learning rulers are one of the most popular lines, due to their tailored design. Working with classic rulers, we produce tools that work in primary and infant school environments, and they'll support the work of all our passionate and dedicated teacher clients.

Infant Rulers

In our online range, we have two main styles when it comes to early learning rulers. Our 30cm Recycled Plastic Infant Ruler has been designed with younger children in mind. We simplify the measuring process by using bold colour with line increments. This bright yellow and red ruler has a block print. On one edge, centimetre markers are defined using alternating red and yellow blocks. In no time at all, children will be able to differentiate what 1cm looks like in comparison to 5 or even 10.

All of our infant rulers are multi-functional. On the alternate edge, a red-yellow-red block design has been included to help children understand fractions. Using this, they can interpret what ⅓, ⅔ and 3/3 of 10cm is in the most simple and visually appealing way. Our designs are chosen to be fun and engaging, in order to excite young children about maths early on. And, being made from recycled plastic, this rulers allows your establishment to consciously make purchases that minimise their impact on the environment.

Early Learning Ruler

Another option when it comes to primary and infant school learning is our 30cm Recycled Plastic Early Learning Ruler. Here, we take it right back to basics and focus on the staple learning of measuring in centimetres. Again, we use colour to make the experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. Yellow and green stripes are printed along the entire body with each one there to visually indicate a centimetre mark. We have included the numerical counterparts too, allowing more confident children to learn the correlation between distance and numbers. Using the smooth edge, they can draw accurate straight lines or take measurements of small distances with ease.

When it comes to teaching these vital skills, the right tools are vital. If you have any questions about our early learning rulers, contact our friendly team here today.