Left Handed Rulers - How to find the perfect measuring tool for you

Today, being left-handed is often associated with heightened creativity. We even have a whole day in our yearly diary (August 13th) dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of left-handed individuals. Studies have shown that this preference is most likely established within us way before birth, whilst a study published in eLife journal concluded that it was linked to our spinal cord.

Whatever the reason may be, it is estimated that approximately of people in the world are left-handed. Therefore, this significant group deserves access to tools designed for their needs. If you're left-handed, or indeed even if you're not, it isn't hard to notice the simple tasks in like that can become much more difficult without the right resources.

Left-handed scissors are now commonplace in schools. As are many other tailored items including left-handed notebooks, can openers and computer mice. Perhaps arguably one of the most commonly used items in both business and education is the ruler and left-handed rulers have become more and more common in the market.

Why choose a left-handed ruler?

As any 'leftie' will know, working with the wrong tools throws up a host of individual issues. Many times, right-handed tools are uncomfortable to hold. In other situations, it comes down to comfort.

Especially in the world of rulers in the modern world, we are taught to read from left to right. Now consider how cumbersome it can be trying to take measurements as a left-handed person on a tool that measures from left-to-right. Where do you put your hand? How do you hold the ruler steadily?

Left-handed rulers respond to this need, particularly our 12"/30cm Clear Plastic Left-Handed Ruler. The perfect tool for any environment, it has the numerical markers printed from right to left instead. After a few practise sessions, you'll be taking measurements like a pro, without worrying about where to lean or place your arm.

Do I need a left-handed ruler?

In all honesty, no. If you've become used to working with traditional rulers, you may see no need in buying a leftie-specific tool. However, they have been specially designed with your ease and comfort in mind. If you're someone who works in an office, in education or simply someone who takes regular measurements, the right tool speeds up efficiency.

Our left-handed rulers are no exception. So improve the productivity of your day while benefitting from a ruler that has been tailored to meet your exact needs.

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