Professional Rulers: Invest in your business and its equipment

As an expert in your field, you know how important it is to invest in the right equipment for your needs. A tradesman is only as good as his tools. Therefore, why would you settle for subpar rulers when your job largely consists of taking accurate and vital measurements? Here at The Ruler Company, we want to ensure every professional is aligned with the perfect ruler or measuring tape.

Architects, Engineers and Builders

What you need is a hardwearing, lightweight and reliable scale ruler. Designed to make the process of sketching out floor layouts and building designs considerably easier, the right scale ruler will speed up the job. Our 30cm White Plastic Scale Ruler has been specifically designed for you. It has a lightweight plastic design that slips into briefcases, backpacks and toolkits without causing bulk. Ensuring you never need another tool, this ruler benefits from a whole range of different scale measurements. Alongside the edges, you'll find 1;1,1:5,1:20,1:50,1:100,1:200,1:250 and 1:2500 markers. As experts in our field, we have worked with hundreds of professionals in the construction trade and create our rulers to suit this specific need.

Sportsmen/Women and Teachers

Knowing your personal best, or that of your students is vital to understanding progression in your field. Specifically, in track or distance based sports, the measuring tape allows you to take accurate recordings of your results. Our Auto-Lock Measure Tape is the tool you need on hand. Compactly housed in a solid rubberised case, this 7.5m tape measure can be extended out fully and laid next to the running track. Time yourself or your students sprinting between the two markers or use to lay out equally distanced cones for other fitness tests. The metal lock feature offers safety and reliability – no one wants to be mid-run and seeing their measuring marker retract back before their very eyes.

Textile Designers, Dressmakers and Fashion Students

When creating beautiful clothing, measurements are everything. Nobody wants to spend hours cutting, stitching and embroidering a garment to then realise it doesn't fit. Our Dressmakers Tape has been designed and manufactured for this specific industry. It has a flexible body made from a durable plastic which can be passed around waists, ankles or even dressmakers dummies. Metal ends allow you to make a perfectly straight line at your marker and prevent ripping or tearing during use. When not in use, it can be rolled up into a compact spool and stored in sewing kits easily. These tapes really are essential, to both educational and professional life. Throughout your career, they promise to become a vital tool that you reach for again and again.

Underestimating the tools you need to perform a job effectively can mean extended league times, difficult projects and delayed completion. Here at The Ruler Company, we understand just how vital rulers and measuring tools are to specific industries. That's why we have a wide scope of products on offer alongside the most cost-effective bulk order options on the market.