Educational Rulers: The right equipment for their studies

Learning how to use a ruler is one of those vital skills we all accomplish during our school years. Understanding measurement helps us to quantify the world around us. It helps us to understand just how far away the planets in our solar system are. It helps us to understand how fast we need to propel a rocket for it to reach the moon. Measurement helps us to understand how far we are able to spring during Physical Education and how far we can throw during badminton classes. Rulers aren't something restricted to math's class. Indeed, they are a tool that we continue to use far into our adult lives.

As much a staple of the humble pencil case as the HB pencil, the importance of the right ruler is commonly overlooked. Yes, a standard design will help you measure the distance between point A and point B. But what about when you first start learning what to do with this seemingly simple tool?

Early Education Rulers

In those first months of your school experience, you pick up so much information. Learning how to measure is just one of these skills. And when it comes to the right ruler, there are a range of easy-learning options out there to help support you. The Recycled Plastic Infant Ruler is one such choice. Bright yellow and red blocks help younger learners to distinguish between commonly used measurements such as 10cm. By blocking off each cm measurement, children can easily spot these sections and use this to improve this vital skill. The Plastic Early Learning Ruler is another option for this age group. Here, the 30cm rule features green and yellow stripes, each of which denotes an individual centimetre.

Primary and Secondary Education Rulers

After children have grasped the concept of measurement, they can move on to more traditional rulers. Here, it becomes the responsibility of the school or college to ensure the tools they provide are durable, practical and safe for children's use. Options such as the White Recycled Plastic Ruler affords students with a full-length rule that is easy to read and suitable for transporting in school bags. Rounded corners and smooth edges reduce the risk of injury. And, by using recycled plastic, they can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner at the end of their lifespan. Similarly, we have a range of different colours that can be aligned with faculties, class houses or other organisation methods. This includes our bright Yellow Recycled Plastic Ruler.

Although they may not seem it at first, rulers are an important tool. Here at The Ruler Company, we strive to bring every customer the appropriate measuring tool at the best, wholesale and bulk order prices. Contact us today to find the right ruler for you.