Essential maths - How rulers help our children understand the world

How often do we look back on the subjects we learnt at school and wonder how they translate into modern, adult life? Mathematics is one of the main subjects we’re taught at a young age that really does matter. From the moment we learn that 1+1 = 2, our minds are introduced to a factual world where the right answer offers a sense of certainty. A world where we’re able to better understand time and distance. These are all skills we use in everyday life - regardless of whether maths plays a key role in our jobs. Rulers are a tool that we use from Day 1 of school right through into adulthood. And, from the very first time, they teach us vital information about the world around us.


When deciding whether we have time to pop to the shops, get our hair done and get that important article written before it’s time to do the school run, maths is at the forefront of our mind. We take into account the distance between all these places and tally it up with the length of time expected to pass between each stop. Rulers allow small children to start learning what distance is. How far is the space between two dots? How far can they roll a ball? How far away is the road from where our parents are standing? Rulers allow us to interpret safety around us.


How tall is the building we’re visiting today? How large at the windows and how does the length of each one show that happened in the economic climate at the time of building? Will I have time to look in this room before needing the toilet - how far away is it? All questions that can be answered, to a degree, with rulers and distance measuring. Even if they don’t go on to design high rise flats, children are exposed to architecture every single day in the form of their own homes. Understanding distance gives them clearer respect for their surroundings and minimising the risk of injury.


Can I beat my personal best at javelin? Can I compete in the 50-metre sprint with the chance of winning? How long will it take me to run a marathon? Again, sport offers children the chance to develop micro-skills that relate to how we approach everyday life. Measuring is a key performance indicator for many sports, dictating the success of an activity and sportsperson.

The importance of maths, distance and rulers is something we shouldn’t play down to the youngest members of our society. If you have any questions about our selection of rulers, including our Early Learning Ruler, Infant Ruler or Alphabet Ruler, get in contact with our helpful team today.