How promotional rulers can help boost your marketing efforts

When it comes to promoting your business, one of the most cost-effective options is through personalised merchandise. Not only do you get your company logo in front of potential customers while avoiding pushy sales avenues, but you also have the opportunity to stay at the forefront of their minds for longer.

Benefits of promotional rulers

Whether for a specific campaign or in line with your new brand launch, there are a host of reasons why a business should consider this promotional item. Generally, branded rulers are a low cost and highly effective marketing option. They can be purchased in bulk, quickly printed with your message and be there to hand out at industry events or meetings.

Equally, if you're looking to strengthen your internal corporate image, promotional rulers can also be distributed to staff. The right branded products can significantly improve employee satisfaction by making them feel like a respected and valued member of your team.

Different promotional ruler options

The best thing about promotional rulers is the flexibility you have in terms of design. Our 15cm Plastic Rulers can be printed, both on the front and back, with your chosen corporate message. Alongside this, we can do the same process for any of our coloured rulers, allowing you to create a unified corporate look. We also offer a similar process for our wooden rulers, ensuring you can maintain that traditional feel that’s so important to your business. This includes options such as our Single-Sided Wooden Ruler and the 15cm Wooden Office Ruler too.

Something a little different from the normal promotional ruler is our Clear Plastic Insert Rulers. A double-sided full colour printed paper is encapsulated between a plastic ruler lid and base. The low cost of the print means that the message can be updated regularly, according to the campaigns as they change throughout the year. These rulers are ideal for short-run promotions, there is no minimum purchase quantity and are easily self-assembled. We can provide specification, print size and layout templates for the paper insert.

What to print?

If you’re looking to promote a specific campaign and are hosting part of your activity online, consider printing your chosen hashtag on to promotional rulers to encourage multi-channel interaction. Perhaps you’re trying to boost traffic to your website or encourage people to take a specific course of action. Have your Call To Action (e.g Visit Website or Pop In-Store) printed to direct customers appropriately. You could also consider printing an image or character that personifies your brand. Or, even a group photograph of your employees to emphasise a focus on customer service. Whatever, you choose, ensure your branded ruler coincides with key messages your business is looking to spread. This will improve cost-effectiveness.

If you have any questions regarding our promotional ruler’s offer, get in contact today.