How Our Rulers Help the Environment

We have talked about how choosing the right pencil could help the environment, now we want to shine the spotlight on how our rulers can help the environment. Choosing the right ruler will reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, which will help the environment.

This is why we have an exciting announcement!

We have a range of rulers made from recycled plastic, but all our other rulers are made from new material which can be recycled. All of our plastic rulers now feature the recycle logo, with the number 6 in the centre, and this design indicates recyclable polystyrene.

With this exciting development, we wanted to share some of our recyclable and recycled rulers with you!

Recycled Plastic Rulers

Our online shop includes a range of recycled plastic rulers in different colours including, white, black, green, red, pink and yellow. These 30cm rulers are made from 100% recycled plastic and are in line with eco-friendly directives, which mean they can be recycled again at the end of their life cycle.

The rulers feature the recycle logo with the number 6 in the centre. We have different sizes available, from 30cm to smaller 15cm rulers.

We also have a range of recycled plastic early learning rulers, which helps with early learning.

How Recycled Rulers Help

When you purchase a ruler that uses recycled plastic, it means we are creating less new plastic, conserving natural resources. In addition, since we use recycled plastic, and our plastic rulers can be recycled, it reduces the demand for raw material, resulting in less damage done to the environment.

Since we are helping to reduce the demand for raw material by using recycled plastic, we are reducing the need to extract raw material from the Earth, which protects the ecosystems and wildlife.

Did you know that using recycled products also saves energy? For example, crafting our rulers from recycled plastic requires less energy than making them from new raw material.

You Can Make a Difference

Remember, no matter how small a step, such as switching the type of ruler you use, we can all help the environment together. Together we can help the environment, one ruler at a time.

You can also check out our range of eco-eco-recycled office products here.