Finding the Best Measuring Tape for You

When it comes to your choice of measuring tape, you want to ensure you are selecting the one that is right for you and your requirements. This blog post will focus on our wide selection of measuring tapes available on our site, as we want to help you identify the right one for you.

We will highlight the maximum length, material and special features some of our measuring tapes have.

Fibreglass Measuring Tape

When it comes to accuracy and large-scale measurements, nothing beats our fibreglass measuring tape. This is the ideal tool to use as it is designed and manufactured for durability and is easy to transport for on the go jobs. You can measure long distances, wrap this tape measure around objects and it features a small clip so you can secure it to your keyring.

We have 10-metre fibreglass measuring tapes available, along with 15 metres, 20 metres, 30 metres and 50 metres.

Open Frame Surveyors Measuring Tape

If you work on a construction site or similar, you will know how useful and beneficial our open frame surveyors measuring tapes are. You can take accurate measurements with this measuring tape, and it is perfect when valuing a property or ensuring that buildings comply with regulations.

We have 30-meter open frame surveyors measuring tapes available, along with 50 meters.

Dressmakers Tape

Fashion designers, tailors, or textile students would have no use for an open frame surveyor measuring tape; instead, our flexible dressmaker’s tape would be ideal. These tapes are classic but have stood the test of time. You need to be precise when making clothes, or more, and accuracy and flexibility are what this tape measure offers.

We have a variety of dressmaker tape options available, including ones that are 150cm or ones with metal ends.

Measuring Tape in ABS Case

If you are looking for a hardwearing and practical measuring solution, our measuring tape, in abs case, is the perfect option. This tape measure is ideal for commercial and domestic use. The durable casing provides a level of protection to the tape measure, and the red button allows you to lock the tape in place.

We have various measuring tapes in abs cases available, including ones that measure 3 metres and 5 metres.

Auto-Lock Measuring Tape

Another tape measure we have in our collection is the auto-lock measuring tape, which includes a rubberised case and a retractable design. This tape measure can also be locked into place, allowing you to freely move while measuring.

We have a wide variety of auto-lock measuring tapes available, including 3 metres, 5 metres and 7.5 meters.


You can purchase our measuring tapes as a bulk order of 10 or more, and the individual price of the products mentioned varies. If you require some more details about our measuring tapes, you can contact us today.