300mm Single Sided Wooden Ruler

  • 300mm Single Sided Wooden Ruler
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Rulers are essential components of any stationary drawer, bag or pencil case. We use them all throughout our formative school years and for those of us who continue to study subjects in maths, design, engineering or sciences or use them in professional or home-based scenarios, the ruler is fundamentally important!

It’s vital to have a dependable and accurate measuring device that can go with you wherever you may need to measure or draw. Our ruler selection caters to every individual’s needs and this model is one of our most hardwearing and dependable rulers.

This simple design features a simple and clear pure metric scale that indicates both cm and mm clearly and easily. It also features extended sides for convenient measuring and drawing. 

Created from hardwood, this ruler offers several benefits vs its plastic counterparts. Wood is wear-resistant and is far less likely to snap under strain. Wood is traditionally stronger and more substantial and offers a tactile feel that is tangible and weighty.
Ruler Information
Material Wood
Metric 30cm

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