Metre Wooden Ruler - Vertical - GW819

  • Metre Wooden Ruler - Vertical - GW819
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When it comes to certain measurements, our Vertical Reading Meter Wooden Ruler is the perfect tool. Designed for use in all different environments, it has a practical and functional design that will help you proceed with the job at hand.

This ruler uses a lightweight and durable wood in it's design. Alongside providing a classic look, this also affords it a strength unlike plastic and one that won't shatter upon impact. The smooth sides and carefully finished corners are designed to minimise the risk of injury and provide a safe tool for use by all ages.

When it comes to storage, this ruler is also highly practical. The split design separates down the centre with a wavy line - allowing both pieces to be used independently while making use as a single measurement tool much easier. Unlike a straight break, the wave design ensures a perfectly straight line every single time. This two-piece ruler is also highly practical for storing in traditional pencil boxes or bringing along to external events.

Unlike others of it's kind, the measurement numbers printed on this ruler are done so in a vertical fashion. Perfect for measuring up walls. straight up pieces of paper or other vertical tasks, this allows it to stand out from the rest and become a functional and practical addition to your kit.

Our rulers are designed for all different environments, from professional through to educational. Contact us today for information, advice or tips on how to best use our vertical reading meter ruler in your business today.

Ruler Information
Material Wood
Metric Metre
Extra Features Vertical

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