Metre Wooden Ruler - GW200

  •  Metre Wooden Ruler - GW200
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The Ruler Company are serious when it comes to rulers and believe that you, the customer, deserves a lot better than you may be getting from other companies. We only ever sell hardwood rulers, unless otherwise stated.

We have chosen this hardwood because it has all the main qualities we wanted our rulers to have - strength, usability and reliability. Although a metre-long ruler might just be a bit overkill for some people, if you need to make big graphs or take larger measurements in your office or home, this is the product we would recommend.

This one-metre stick is a more substantial and less compact product than many of the others available on our store. However, it still has the same level of quality, the craftsmanship behind its construction and the materials used.

We are so passionate about rulers at The Ruler Company that we don't feel it's right for you, our customers to be wasting money on inferior products. This is why we assure you that each and every product you order from us, will not be cheaply made and will be built to last as long as it possibly can. The same can be said for this ruler.

So, regardless of whether you need to use it in your capacity as a teacher, office worker, graphic designer or from the comfort of your own home as a student; we are sure you will agree when you buy one for yourself, that this is a good quality metre stick.
Ruler Information
Material Wood
Metric Metre

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