Half Metre Ruler

  • Half Metre Ruler
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For larger measuring requirements, our Half Meter Ruler is an essential tool. Manufactured to last and stand repeated use, it makes up part of our extensive stationery range while helping to solve a range of tasks for all different environments.

We use strong and hardwearing wood to craft this half meter ruler, sanding down the edges and rounding the corners slightly to reduce the risk of injury. Although strong, it manages to stay lightweight - making transportation and use in all different environments as easy as possible. The wooden design also gives it a traditional feel and one that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Presented in a longer length, this half meter ruler is ideal for measuring spaces around the home or within your workspace. Alternatively, it can be used by your class to measure larger craft projects or spaces between objects during mathematics class. The individual measurement line markers have been printed in a contrasting black to ensure they are as easy and clear to read as possible.

Measurements along this ruler are marked our in 1-50cm increments or 1-500mm marks, set out in groups of ten. In doing so, we ensure you are able to measure both larger distances alongside smaller ones without the need for additional tools or rulers. We pride ourselves in the quality of each of the rulers we offer. This wooden half meter ruler is sure to stand the test of time, providing you or your workplace with a reliable tool for many years to come.

Ruler Information
Material Wood
Metric 50cm

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