18"/50cm Gardeners Golden Ruler

  • 18"/50cm  Gardeners Golden Ruler
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For the budding gardener or anyone with green fingers, our Gardeners Golden Ruler is an essential addition to your resources. As part of your gardening kit, it finds it's place alongside other staple pieces, becoming one of your most used tools.

This high-quality ruler has been manufactured from a strong and durable wood. Careful craftsmanship has ensured straight sidelines and rounded corners to reduce the risk of injury. Clear green print marks it out as 'The Vegetable Gardener's Golden Ruler' - immediately allowing you to identify it within the largest of kits. Use to measure the space between bulb planting locations which can be an essential factor when growing specific plants, flowers or vegetables.

Our rulers are not just designed for one purpose. Here, the Gardeners' Golden Ruler also includes a range of vegetable growing tips. This makes it not only perfect for a veteran gardener but also ideal for those looking to try their luck with at-home growing. This information includes a wealth of knowledge from ideal plant timings of specific breeds through to bulb spacing requirements and even sowing tips for the most popular vegetables.

Along the other side, clear line markings allow you to visually identify different lengths. This ruler is both practical and hardwearing, promising to stand the length of time. It provides you with essential information to make the most of your yearly crops and has a slimline design that is easy to store away. Discover this premium-quality gardening ruler for the best prices here today.

Ruler Information
Material Wood
Feet & Inches 18"
Metric 50cm
Extra Features Gardeners

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