I Metre / 40" Stainless Steel Ruler

  • I Metre /  40" Stainless Steel Ruler
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When it comes to longer measurements, our 1 Meter / 40" Stainless Steel Ruler is the ideal choice. Designed for a range of different environments, both working and educational, it has a reliable strength. As with the other lines in our collection, The Ruler Company aims to design and manufacture functional rulers that can be used to report accurate measurements with ease.

Here, our 1-meter ruler has been designed to split into 2 when required. This not only allows it to be used for smaller measurements but also makes it easier to store. When a whole meter measurement isn't needed, the two pieces can be stacked next to each other and slipped into bags or pencil cases easily. We have used strong stainless steel. This reduces the risk of wear due to rusting and minimises the change of warping or bending with force. At one end, a small drilled hole means it can be threaded with an attaching loop for convenience - another functional addition for those working on site or in active environments.

This ruler design allows you to measure a full meter along with individual inch increments too. In total, 40" have been marked out along its body, both in full and half measurements for convenience. The smooth size ensures that any line you draw is perfectly straight while rounded ends reduce the risk of injury during use.

We understand that rulers are commonly purchased in bulk. That is why we can provide discounts for larger orders. For 10 rulers or more, each item will cost just £10.80 and for orders over 100, we can reduce the price to just £9 per ruler.

Ruler Information
Material Metal
Feet & Inches 40"
Metric Metre

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