60 Degree Clear Plastic Set Square

  • 60 Degree Clear Plastic Set Square
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A 60-degree clear plastic set square should be a vital piece in your stationery set, especially for academics. We use these set squares throughout school, and people who study engineering or create technical drawings will continue to use them in their day-to-day job.

The aim of a 60-Degree clear plastic set square is to provide you with a straightedge at a right angle. Set squares are also used in Geometry, maths and other subjects. You can also utilise a set square for Technical drawing, as you might be required to draw a precise object from different angles and focus points.

Other uses of a set square include drawing parallel or perpendicular lines and standard measured angles if a ruler is not on hand.

This simple design features both inches and centimetres, meaning you can utilise it for different measurements. Created from clear plastic, you can see the lines on the paper with ease, without having to move the set square.

No matter what you use this 60-degree clear plastic set square for, it is made from high-quality clear plastic and will last a long duration of time. One thing is for sure; this clear plastic set square will make measuring and drawing more accessible and more convenient.

Another benefit of this set square is that the more you buy, the cheaper each individual unit is. The affordability of this product makes it a must-have for any stationery company, as every pencil case needs a set square.

Product Information
Material Plastic
Length 15cm
Protractors & Set Squares

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