360 Degree 15cm Clear Plastic Protractor

  • 360 Degree 15cm Clear Plastic Protractor
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The history of protractors dates back more than five hundred years, an impressive history for such a useful tool. If you are preparing to go back to school, college or work that requires you to have a protractor in your arsenal, then this 360-degree clear plastic protractor is the one you should go for.

This durable, reliable and sturdy protractor can be used to measure different angles. This full-circle protractor can be used to measure acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, straight angles, reflex angles and full rotation angles.

Aside from your geometry class at school, a wide array of occupations require the use of a protractor — for example, electrical drafters, mapping technicians, mechanical engineering technicians, interior designers and construction carpenters. Of course, many other jobs require the use of a protractor, and you never know when you might need one.

Be prepared for whatever angle is thrown at you and grab your own durable, reliable and sturdy 360-degree clear plastic protractors.

Ruler Information
Material Plastic
Product Information
Length 15cm
Protractors & Set Squares

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