180 Deg 10cm Clear Plastic Protractor

  • 180 Deg 10cm Clear Plastic Protractor
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Prepare for high school, college or work by packing the right tools for the job. Here at the Ruler Company, we have dependable and accurate measurement devices you need to have in your pencil case.

Made from plastic, this protector measures approximately 10cm in length, and you can use it to draw straight lines if your ruler is nowhere to be found. This plastic protractor was designed to measure different angles, an essential piece of equipment for any mathematics student. The transparent plastic allows you to measure various angles easily.

This semi-circle features one hundred and eighty parts, making it perfect for measuring angles up to 180 degrees.

Did you know that protractors were the typical tools for navigation at sea by sailors? Now protractors are used in different industries and for different jobs, for example, engineers and mechanics utilise this tool. The most common use of protectors, however, is the use in geometry classes or maths in schools.

Be prepared for every angle and measure it easily by having one of our protractors on hand.

Product Information
Material Plastic
Length 10cm
Protractors & Set Squares

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