6" / 15cm Yellow Recycled Plastic Ruler

  • 6" / 15cm Yellow Recycled Plastic Ruler
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Made to withstand repeated use, our Yellow Recycled Plastic Ruler is suitable for both professional and educational use. It has a simple and classic design that can be used by people of all skill levels and lends itself to a great many different tasks.

The flexible plastic body is manufactured from recycled materials. In doing so, we minimise your impact on the environment and also enable the ruler to be recycled once again at the end of it's lifespan. A bright yellow finish makes it highly visible from a distance and provides a strongly contrasting background against each measurement marker. For use in a range of different tasks, this 15cm ruler features both cm and inch line and numerical markers.

These have been printed in a bold black and clearly recognisable font. When the flattened base in laid against a hard surface, it can be used to create perfectly straight lines. Alongside this, the clearly printed markers allow any short distance to be measured accurately. The compact design of this ruler allows it to fit comfortably within most standard pencil cases and also minimises the risk of bulk when carrying large quantities of stationery.

We understand that rulers are commonly purchased in larger quantities for schools, nurseries or office environments. For this reason, we offer bulk discounts to keep within your budget. Order over 10 will incur an individual item charge of £0.22. For orders over 100 rulers, we can offer an individual product price of just £0.16.

Ruler Information
Material Recycled Plastic
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm
Extra Features Coloured

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