6" / 15cm Stainless Steel Ruler

  • 6" / 15cm Stainless Steel Ruler
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Suitable for smaller distances, the 6"/15cm Stainless Steel Ruler is a practical choice. It can be used for a range of different environments, from education through to professional use. For this purpose, we ensure the universal design can be understood by all skill sets. Everything from the bold black font through to clear differentiators between centimetre and inch measurements has been included for ease of use.

We use stainless steel as a more durable alternative to plastic. Not only does it offer heightened durability but also reduces the risk of injury. Unlike plastic, it won't shatter if dropped or submitted to stress and has a non-flexible finish to ensure clear measurements every time. For professional environments, this strength also stands up well to repeated and regular use perfectly.

The ruler can be used to take measurements up to either 6" or 15cm. These have been printed in both numerical and line markers along both sides and in 2 different formats. So, no matter how you find it easier to read, you'll be able to focus on the job at hand. From education through to professional use, it is a tool that can be used for a range of tasks from drawing straight lines to deciphering the distance between two marks.

We recognise that rulers are normally a bulk purchase for many businesses. This is why we offer discounted prices for larger orders. For 10 or more rulers, we can offer a single ruler price of just £2.04. For 100 or more ruler, we can offer a single ruler price of £1.44.

Ruler Information
Material Metal
Feet & Inches 6"
Metric 15cm

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