6" / 15cm Pink Recycled Plastic Ruler

  • 6" / 15cm Pink Recycled Plastic Ruler
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Our Pink Recycled Plastic Ruler promises to inspire the most downtrodden of students. The classic design has been used to ensure it can be used by individuals of all different skill levels. From professional to education environments, it forms an essential part of your stationery kit and guarantees highly accurate measurements.

The compact 15cm design has been chosen to ensure each transportation and allowing it to sit in standard pencil kits. Rounded corners and smooth sides effectively reduce the risk of injury - specifically important with younger children. And, to capture their imaginations, the vibrant neon pink colour stands out against most paperwork.

The use of recycled plastic reduces your carbon footprint while allowing it to be recycled once more at the end of it's life. Along each side, contrasting black line and number markers make taking a measurement easy. Take measurements up to 15cm in 1cm increments or up to 6" in 1/16" - depending on the task at time. Simply line the ruler up against two marks and record the distance between them. No matter whether used within math's classes or in the office, it guarantees to return accurate measurements on every single use.

As with the other rulers in our collection, we recognise the need for bulk order prices. For orders over 10, we can provide each item at just £0.22. For orders over 100, each ruler will be priced at just £0.16. The goal here is to work within every price bracket while ensuring high quality tools at every level.

Ruler Information
Material Recycled Plastic
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm
Extra Features Coloured

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