15" / 40cm Wooden Office Ruler

  • 15" / 40cm Wooden Office Ruler
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The Ruler Company understands just how important rulers are in our everyday lives. More than just something you use in school, rulers are one of the most widely used pieces of stationary, not far behind pencils and pens. Even in an office environment, and in this digital age we live in, the humble ruler is still required when you need to take handwritten notes, draw graphics or take small measurements.

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate measuring stick that is a little larger than the average, but not quite a full metre in length? Look no further than this high-quality and very affordable 15"/40cm wooden office ruler available right here from The Ruler Company.

Made from a durable and strong hardwood, it has a double edge on the front with 0 to 15" in 1/16ths on one side and 0 to 40c in mm on the other side. This is the ideal piece for your desk, regardless of whether you need to draw up a graph or sketches or just need to take notes and want something that will lie fully across the paper or notebook you are working on.

At The Ruler Company, we think it’s important to offer quality products to you, our customers, at an affordable price. Therefore, we guarantee that the rulers we sell and other accessories are made from hard and durable wood unless otherwise stated. The wood we use is chosen for the qualities listed above and because it is less likely to shatter, snap or break. Unlike the inferior plastic rulers, you can get these days.
Ruler Information
Material Wood
Feet & Inches 15"
Metric 40cm

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