12"/30cm Green Recycled Plastic Ruler

  • 12"/30cm Green Recycled Plastic Ruler
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Style your stationery set to suit your individual style with our Green Recycled Plastic Ruler. Based on the classic and traditional design, this longer length ruler is ideal for schools, offices and businesses alike. The easy-to-use design is recognised the nation over, regularly used throughout childhood and featuring regularly in pre-packaged stationery kits.

Here, we have crafted a durable and brightly coloured option for busy workers and students. We understand the drive towards protecting our planet and eco-friendly products. For this reason, we have crafted this specific ruler from a hardwearing and durable recycled plastic. Offering a slight flex to minimise the risk of snapping, the corners have also been rounded off to reduce injury and damage to the user during use.

The line and number measurement indicators have been printed in a deeply contrasting black to ensure it can be used by those with visibility issues. From measuring small distances on a piece of paper, drawing straight lines to create an accurately designed image or to solve some form of mathematical equation, this ruler is the ideal accompaniment. It works just as well for enthusiastic students as it will do for office workers or other professionals in their own industry.

As recognised suppliers of high-quality rulers, we understand the need for exceptional wholesale prices and bulk orders. If you place an order of 10 or more of our green recycled rulers, we will drop the individual price to just £0.24. If you order 100+, we can offer these rulers for just £0.02 per item.

Ruler Information
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm
Extra Features Coloured

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