12" / 30cm Clear Plastic Insert Ruler

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For professional use, our Clear Plastic Insert Ruler provides you the opportunity to brand your stationary. These strong and durable rulers make use of a classic design, ensuring they can be used by all skill levels. The compact 30cm length is perfect for a wide range of tasks - from arithmetic classes in schools through to specific measurements in the work place. It has been manufactured from a clear plastic, offering both a slight flex and strength to withstand repeated use.

Another benefit of the clear body is the ability to see marks and lines through the body - particularly important when measuring smaller distances or working with faint markings. The ruler comes in two separate parts. The base boasts a flattened back, allowing it to sit flush to paper or hard surfaces and return an accurate measurement. Paired with this, the lid is curved upwards to create a space for a personalised paper insert. To create a bespoke ruler, simply remove the lid and add the information required on to a paper insert.

This can then be fitted within the ruler, with the lid sliding securely on top. Unlike pricey printing or engraving, this offers a cheap and effective way of ensuring your rulers help with brand promotion or stay within the correct teams. Finally, for practicality, the ruler has been printed with clear black line and numerical markers.

Bulk purchase is available with orders over 10 incurring an individual product price of just £0.84. If your order numbers over 100 rulers, we will offer each ruler at an individual price of £0.60.

Ruler Information
Material Plastic
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm
Extra Features Insert

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