100 x 12" / 30cm Clear Plastic Economy Ruler

  • 100 x 12" / 30cm Clear Plastic Economy Ruler
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Make sure your entire class or work force is equipped with the tools they need when you choose our 100 x 12" Clear Plastic Economy Rulers. Designed as an entry level product, it still provides all the strength, durability and reliable service that you'd expect from a ruler.

The transparent plastic provides a slight flex to the entire product; reducing the risk of snapping and also allowing you to see marking through the body. When it comes to lining up faint markings, this feature is vital for ensuring you take entirely accurate measurements every single time. In turn, the edges and corners have been smoothed off and rounded to minimise the risk of injury during use.

These rulers are an ideal choice for mathematics classes where trigonometry or shape measurement forms a vital part of the curriculum. They also offer a professional tool to architects and artists alike by helping you to create those pin straight lines that each project requires. Upon the front body, contrasting black number and line indicators clearly mark out both the centimetre and inch increments. These also stand out well when the ruler is used against a white background and give you confidence during any task.

This large pack contains 100 individual rulers which can be stored until required or distributed out to your employees or students. When it comes to sticking to a budget but still providing the tools needed, this is an effective and reliable option for any organisation to consider.

Ruler Information
Material Wood
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm

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