Recycled Products

Recycled products are hitting the headlines across the news and social media. There is a drive for all manner of industries to begin aligning themselves more to eco-friendly values in order to forge a more sustainable future for our planet. 

A prime area for creating eco-friendly products is in the stationery industry. Items like pencils have long been known for their poor environmental footprint. Plastics used in folders or binders are also negatively impacting the planet. Businesses and educational organizations like schools and universities consume huge volumes of stationary each year. There is a greater pressure than ever for institutions of all types to begin aligning their consumption of materials goods to products that offer greater eco-friendliness. 

In response, we’ve collated a selection of today’s finest eco-friendly stationery and office products. We work closely with reputable manufacturers and assure that our manufacturers are both competitively priced and hold their commitment to the environment. None of these products skimp out on quality - they’re built a familiar high spec to their traditional counterparts. 

Our selection of recycled products covers everything from recycled rulers that are made from discarded plastics to pencils, formed from newspaper to plastic folders, binders, etc, which are created from recycled plastics. 

Our pencils range from HBs to coloured pencils and even the new and innovative plantable pencil which contains a seed in the end. 

Our office supplies cover everything from display covers to solid plastic binders and folders. 

We also stock an array of coloured rulers which are hard wearing, durable and accurate for measuring and drawing. 

We’ve worked hard to create a high-quality stock of recycled stationary items that are equal in quality at least to their traditionally manufactured counterparts. Our rapport with manufacturers has allowed us to secure great deals in terms of price. 

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