What Questions Should I Ask When Purchasing a Ruler?

It seems like an easy enough question, but when you're in the store and looking at all of the different styles of rulers, it can be hard to know what questions to ask. If you're not sure which ruler is best for your needs, read on to find out some quick tips!

1. What Ruler Do I Need for My Project or Space?

Choosing the right size ruler is important if you plan on using it for your measurements. There are three types of rulers that measure in inches, feet, and centimetres respectively; however, they all have their purpose when working with projects which use different systems like metric (centre) or Imperial units.

If you're working with a project that uses the imperial system, then you'll need an imperial ruler. If your project uses the metric system, then you'll need a metric ruler.

A standard rule comes equipped with both types but other varieties may only offer one option such as metric measurements which can make it difficult if not impossible at times depending on what type of job needs doing.

2. What Is the Measurement Accuracy of the Ruler?

Metal rulers usually have a higher level of accuracy than plastic or wood because they are often made from specially engineered steel or another metal alloy.

3. How Many Sides Does the Ruler Have?

Most basic standard rules have two sides, one with standard metric markings and another side with both standard metric and inch markings for added convenience. Some speciality rulers may only have measurements on one side while others may have multiple sides--for example, a three-sided ruler has an adjustable length.

4. How Durable Is the Material That the Ruler Is Made Out Of

If you're looking for a ruler that will last, then go with one made from metal or wood. Metal is often more durable than plastic and sometimes even wood, but there are factors such as the thickness of the metal and whether it has been tempered which can affect how long your ruler lasts. It's all about quality-check reviews to see if other customers had trouble with their rulers breaking or bending.

5. Does it Come With a Warranty and What Does it Cover?

You can't put a price on the good measure, but thankfully you don’t need to! A warranty is an assurance that your ruler will be replaced should anything go wrong. There are many different types of warranties available--some offer free repairs while others just cover shipping costs or product replacement in some cases.

6. Is There a Way to Measure in cm as Well as mm and Inches

Some metric rulers come with both mm and cm markings while imperial rulers have inch markings as well. This can be very convenient if you're working on a project that uses the metric system but need to do some measurements in inches. There are also conversion charts available online (or even included on some rulers) that will help you convert between the two measurement systems.


Ruler size is an important factor to consider when starting a project. The accuracy of the ruler, colour, weight, number of sides, and material are also important factors to consider. Our rulers come with a warranty that covers many different aspects of the ruler. In addition, our rulers measure in both cm and mm. You can contact us if you have any other questions or need help choosing the right ruler for your project!