12" / 30cm Double Sided Wooden Ruler

  • 12" / 30cm Double Sided Wooden Ruler
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Wooden rulers offer many advantages over their plastic counterparts. They’re hardwearing and will not easily snap and are resistant to the scales from rubbing off. Wood is still often a more environmentally friendly build material than plastic. 

Our wooden rulers cover every base when it comes to educational and professional measurement purposes and this model is no different. It is two-sided, one side contains metric measurements that range from 1 - 30cm with a 1 - 300mm scale included too. The other side is dedicated to imperial measurements and features 1-12" in 1/4",1/8",1/2", 1/16" increments plus an added protractor for angle measurement. 

The convenient inclusion of protractor means that this ruler is multi-functional and can be used for many different measurement purposes. 

This ruler is more suitable for professional or industrial use thanks to its array of comprehensive scales and built-in protractor. It’s ideal for agricultural or horticultural use as it can be embedded into the ground to measure plant height as well as the angle of stems and flowers.
Ruler Information
Material Wood
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm
Extra Features Protractor

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