A1 Size Hardwood Tee Square

  • A1 Size Hardwood Tee Square
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This durable and portable A1 hardwood tee-square is a tool which can be used to create technical drawings. When you are working at a drafting table, a tee-square will allow you to develop precise diagonal or vertical lines.

By having a tee-square in your toolkit, you can accurately create lines which can later be drawn upon or even cut. The accuracy this tee-square provides makes it suitable for technical drawings which need to be specific.

This A1 tee-square is made from Beech, which is a commonly used hardwood, which means it will last a long duration of time as it is durable and robust. Hardwood is also easy to maintain as you simply have to clean it every so often, while any damage can be easily fixed. European Beech itself polishes nicely and can withstand shocks, as well as natural wear.

Measuring approximately 315mm in width and 970mm in length, this A1 tee-square is portable and can be carried with you for projects. This tee-square has also been crafted with tapered edges, which are securely screwed and glued together.

If you have any questions about our A1 tee-square, you can contact a member of our helpful team at The Ruler Company today.

Product Information
Material Wood
Length 970mm
Width 315mm
Tee Square

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