3 Must-Have Pieces of Blackboard Equipment

We have talked about why blackboards are so popular with mathematicians; now, we want to share with you 3 must-have pieces of blackboard equipment you need. This blog post will talk you through three of our favourite blackboard accessories, along with why you need them in your collection.

Blackboard Equipment

Before we jump into our must-have three, we want to share a bit of information about our blackboard equipment. We want you to keep your workplace or classroom well stocked, which is why we have a wide array of blackboard equipment. All our blackboard equipment is hardwearing, high-quality and affordable. You can order a vast quantity, and the price decreases with the more units you purchase.

Multi-Felt Board Cleaner

The first item on our blackboard equipment list is the popular multi-felt board cleaner. If you have a blackboard, you need a board cleaner, and this one gets the job done. The wooden part of this board cleaner provides you with a sturdy grip to smoothly wipe away any unwanted elements on your board.

Blackboard Ruler

Whether you are drawing a line graph or bar chart, precision is key, which is why it is always good to have a blackboard ruler on hand to help with your illustration or diagram. Our blackboard ruler also features a holding handle, making it easier for you to hold while using it against your blackboard.

Our 1-metre blackboard ruler has many functions and is useful in both design and mathematics.

Blackboard Protractor

The final item on our 3 must-have pieces of blackboard equipment list is the blackboard protractor. Protractors are essential pieces of equipment, especially when you are looking to measure angles. Architects, mathematicians and designers often use protractors for precise measurement to help with their design or equation. Our 50cm blackboard protractor features the measurements 1 – 180 degrees around the edge and reads left to right and right to left.

Happy to Help

If you have any questions about our blackboard equipment or any of the products in your collection, you can contact a member of The Ruler Company team today. We are happy to assist you with any issues you may have relating to any of our products.

You can also browse through the rest of our blackboard equipment collection here; if you want to see what other pieces we have that will come in handy.