14 Ways You Can Use Clear Insert Rulers to Promote Your Brand

If you are a business owner or marketer, or even just an everyday home user, then you probably use clear rulers to measure things like text size, margins, and other important measurements. But did you know that there is more than one way to use these tools?

In this blog post, we will go over 14 everyday ways that you can use to promote your brand using clear plastic insert rulers.

1. Cut Out the Insert Ruler and Put it on Your Desk at Work

An insert ruler is a useful device for cutting paper and cardboard, but it is also a great tool for inserting your brand into the minds of people who use it regularly. If you have an office job where you need to cut something from a piece of paper, why not make sure they see your logo every time they look down at their desk? This could be as simple as putting them in a drawer with all of your company’s marketing materials, so when someone needs to find something quickly, they grab the first thing off the top.

2. Use a Clear Insert Ruler to Measure Things in the Kitchen

Clear insert rulers are perfect for measuring ingredients while cooking because they don't get messy. They're easy to clean up after too! Just wipe away any excess flour or sugar before placing them back in the cupboard. This can be a great way to get your brand noticed outside of the workplace if you cook often.

3. Put up a Sign With an Insert Ruler

A clear insert ruler makes a great promotional item for businesses that operate out of multiple locations. It's small enough to fit inside most standard-sized signs, which means you won't even need to buy another type of sign to advertise your location.

4. Put up an Inspirational Quote

You can use an insert ruler to put up an inspirational quote or sayings on your wall. Just cut out the shape of the space inside the insert rulers frame and stick it on the wall. The best part about this method is that you can change the wording whenever you want, without having to move anything else.

5. Give Small Gifts to Clients by Putting Them in a Clear Box

A great way to promote your brand is to give small gifts to clients. You can put insert rulers with your brand on into a clear box. When they open the gift, they'll notice the insert ruler right away.

6. Create a Bulletin Board

These clear insert rulers are ideal for creating bulletin boards. All you need to do is take some poster board and staple the inserts onto it. Then, just add pictures, artwork, quotes, etc, until you've filled up the entire surface area.

7. Put One on Your Fridge

This idea works well for those who tend to forget things easily. Take a picture of yourself doing something awesome and tape it to the front of the fridge inside an insert ruler. Every day, you'll see the photo against the ruler to help keep track of everything you've accomplished, and without realising it, you will be seeing the brand too.

8. Leave Them Out on Tables With Pamphlets/invitations for Events

If you run an event such as a conference, party or even a wedding, leave out insert rulers near the table with information about the event. People walking past will pick them up and read through them, making them aware of your business.

9. Give One Away as a Promotional Item at an Event

Give away insert rulers as promotional items when attending trade shows, conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, etc. If attendees have their very own insert rulers, they'll always remember you and your company.

10. Display it in Your Office or Home by Attaching it to the Wall

Attach a clear insert ruler to the wall in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. Make sure to choose a spot that gets plenty of natural light. These rulers make excellent conversation pieces since they look like regular objects, but contain hidden messages.

11. Use Clear Insert Rulers as Dividers in Your Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

Clear insert rulers work perfectly as divider stickers between photos in your photo album or scrapbook. They are easy to apply and remove so there's no risk of damaging any of the images.

12. Use it on a Bulletin Board to Mark Events and Milestones of the Year

Use clear insert rulers to create a calendar-style bulletin board where each month has its very own ruler. This makes it easier to find specific dates quickly, because all you have to do is glance down at the top of the page, instead of flipping back and forth through pages.

13. Put a Clear Insert Ruler Next to Your Bedside Table

This may seem strange, but many people keep a small item by their bedside during sleep. It's common practice to place an item like a clock radio beside our beds, which means that most people wake up to hear the alarm ring. But why not try having a clear insert ruler as well? This can be used as a handy bookmark so you don’t lose your place, for when you want a bit of bedtime reading before sleep.

14. Create a Fun Party Game

Create a simple game using clear insert rulers. For example, you could give everyone two or three different colours of insert rulers, and then ask the participants to write down how many of each colour they have, then you could shout out a random colour and the player with the highest number of that colour wins.


There are plenty of ways to incorporate this small, but versatile tool into your daily life. Have you ever incorporated an insert ruler in one of the following ways? Perhaps it’s time for a change! We can help you find creative solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your home or office space even better than before with these simple changes made possible through the use of our product!