12"/30cm Stainless Steel Ruler with Cork Banking

  • 12"/30cm Stainless Steel Ruler with Cork Banking
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If you find yourself measuring up on delicate surfaces, consider adding our 12"/30cm Stainless Steel Ruler to your collection. It has a simple and easy-to-understand design, tailored to suit the needs of all individuals. We understand the need for quality rulers in the work environment and in education. This ruler has been designed for just that, allowing you to take accurate measurements in all different environments.

To ensure durability, we manufacture this ruler out of stainless steel. In comparison to plastic, it has a strong and reliable strength for repeated use. In rigorous working environments, it has an impressive resilience to wear. This combines with a flexible design which is shatter resistant and won't warp over time or bend to the point of snapping. As with many of our other designs, we smooth off the perfect edges and round corners to prevent the risk of injury. And, a small drilled hole at the end allows you to loop a connection between your bag and this measuring tool if required.

The unique design in this ruler comes from the durable cork backing. Not only does this reduce the risk of slipping when working with polished surfaces, it is also a protective measure. Cork prevents the hard stainless steel from causing damage during use and ensures you can focus on taking the most accurate measurement every time.

For bulk orders over 10 rulers, we can offer a discounted price of just £1.32 per ruler. And, for orders over 100, we can offer a discounted price of just £1.08.

Ruler Information
Material Metal
Feet & Inches 12"
Metric 30cm

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